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Three Dow Jones Stocks To Watch In January 2024 Examining the Financial Prospects of 3 Key Dow Jones Stocks

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is not just an index but a historical monument – a weathered stone hewn from the bedrock of finance, venerable and unyielding. It stands tall as a symbol of the market and even extends its gaze over the health of the U.S. economy. Investing in these stocks has the lure of stability and a broad cross-section of U.S. industry. However, there are drawbacks; with only 30 companies and a price-weighting system that might favor higher stock prices over market size, it’s a rough diamond at best.

Exploring the Realm of Dow Jones Stocks Now

Microsoft (MSFT Stock)

First in the lineup is Microsoft (MSFT). This colossal multinational technology megalith is virtually synonymous with its iconic software products – the bedrock of personal and professional computing experiences. Their latest quarterly dividend announcement – $0.75 per share, payable on March 14, 2024 – could offer hopeful echoes off the mountain slopes of its annual dividend yield of 0.81%. Despite recent pressures, trading days such as today have brought marginal respite, with MSFT stock inching 0.78% up.

MSFT stock chart
Source: TradingView

Nike (NKE Stock)

Next in line is Nike, Inc. (NKE). This global corporation has become a colossus in athletic footwear and apparel. It recently trounced Wall Street’s expectations with earnings of $1.03 per share, raking in $13.39 billion for Q2 2024. Despite encountering headwinds in recent trading sessions, there is promise in today’s breath, with NKE stock modestly lower by 0.098% at $101.98 a share.

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NKE stock
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Apple (AAPL Stock)

Lastly, we have the indomitable Apple Inc. (AAPL). This titan of technology, known for its iconic consumer electronics and revolutionary software, recently delivered Q4 2023 financial results that surpassed analysts’ estimates. Despite a recent retreat in its stock price, the trading day is offering a glimmer of hope, with AAPL stock trading higher by 1.26% at $183.46 a share.

aapl stock
Source: TradingView