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The idea for AboveThe200 was born in my buddy Alex’s basement – though back then, we were just a group of friends bonding over fantasy football, greasy pizza, and checking our Robinhood accounts every 5 minutes.

Alex was the stock geek among us, constantly spouting off terms like “moving averages” and “support levels.” Sam made up for what he lacked in market knowledge with his quick wit – he was always ready with a zinger when one of Alex’s hot picks would tank. And me? Well, I just liked being part of the action. It was fun to ride the ups and downs together.

After the third night in a row spent analyzing stock charts instead of trash talking over Madden, Sam laughed and said we might as well turn Alex’s basement into our own little Wall Street firm. And just like that, AboveThe200 was born!

We set up shop around Alex’s battered card table, chipping in a few bucks each to register the domain name. I built a simple website template, Alex added his trading guides…and to our surprise, people actually started reading and sharing them!

Now AboveThe200 is our full-time gig. But even with all the site’s success, it’s still powered by the same passions that brought 3 buddies together around a basement coffee table – building community, making each other laugh, and riding the market’s waves together. Sure, the pizza’s gotten fancier, but the vibe is still the same.