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Cost of Retirement in 6 Florida Hotspots Florida Retirement: A Look at 6 Destinations for Cost of Living

Florida and retirement go hand in hand. The warm weather, plentiful amenities, and lack of state income tax are just a few reasons American seniors flock to the Sunshine State. But the cost of living doesn’t paint a full picture. While certain areas of the state are indeed inexpensive, some of the most desirable locations, including upscale neighborhoods or beachfront access, can actually cost a pretty penny.

Key West

Key West is an embodiment of tropical paradise. The southernmost point in the continental United States, the home of Hemingway, the quiet bungalows, and the raucous Duval Street make Key West a unique and sought-after destination. However, the island lifestyle demands higher prices, especially for homes, making it a choice for those who can afford it.

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a stereotypical destination for retirees, offering world-class golf courses, beautiful beaches, and year-round sunny weather. The city boasts cultural amenities and wildlife preserves but home prices are off the charts, making it an expensive place to buy a home.


Tampa is popular for its sunshine, access to beautiful beaches and waterways, high-quality healthcare, and a variety of outdoor activities, from birdwatching to golfing. The average home prices are relatively lower than other upscale areas, making it a desirable location for retirees.


U.S. News and World Report rated Sarasota the No. 1 place in the entire nation to retire. Known for its white-sand beaches, golf, arts, and culture, Sarasota is popular despite slightly above-average home prices. It is a highly regarded retirement destination despite the cost.

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