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Analysts Unanimously Bullish on Amazon for 2024 – (NASDAQ:AMZN)

Market Consensus, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has been thrust into the spotlight as analysts across Wall Street have unanimously endorsed the e-commerce juggernaut as their top pick for 2024.

Expert Consensus

Surpassing all skepticism, five separate analyst firms crowned Amazon as their preeminent selection for the year in a single day, a noteworthy phenomenon marking a rare and resounding consensus among financial experts.

Heavyweight Support

Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, BofA, Citi, Evercore, Berstein, Roth MKM, Baird, RBC Capital, Telsey, Wedbush, Rosenblatt, Needham, Wolfe Research, Raymond James, Canaccord Genuity, Satori Fund, Piper Sandler, and D.A. Davidson have all cast their lot with Amazon for the forthcoming year, evincing an unprecedented union of opinion.

Analyst Utterances

During an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk On The Street,” Kate Rooney, a seasoned reporter in the domain of business and technology, illuminated the rationale behind the notable unanimity of analysts toward Amazon.

Rationale and Prospects

An unmistakable driver of unwavering analyst confidence was the resurgence of Amazon Web Services (AWS), fostered by a surge in cloud expenditure and the stabilization of cloud revenues.

Moreover, analysts were fervent in their assertion that Amazon’s exposure to artificial intelligence (AI) remains undervalued; several went so far as to declare Amazon as one of the most firmly positioned entities to steer the forthcoming commercialization phase of AI.

Notably, analysts underscored Amazon’s operational efficiency, expected to augment gross margins, along with the burgeoning potential in advertising revenue, which is poised to significantly bolster top-line growth in 2024.

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Analyst Outlook

In a striking commendation, Wedbush christened Amazon as the “everything stock” for the week, while Satori Fund proposed Amazon as a defensive maneuver in portfolios, given the company’s historical tendency to seize market share during economic downturns.

Financial Performance

Amazon shares have ascended by nearly 75% in the past year. As of Thursday afternoon, the stock had conceded 2.15% to reach $145.28, as evidenced by data from Benzinga Pro.

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.