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Cramer Shares Insight on Major Healthcare Stock and More Cramer Shares Insight on Major Healthcare Stock and More

Jim Cramer’s Take on Healthcare Stocks

On CNBC’s “Mad Money Lightning Round,” Jim Cramer shared his insights on various stocks. When asked about ImmunoGen, Inc., he noted that it is now a property of AbbVie and swiftly moved on. Cramer expressed his reluctance to invest in Ramaco Resources, Inc., emphasizing a wait-and-see approach. Referring to Bitfarms Ltd., Cramer labeled it as a speculative venture, indicating caution. He also expressed his outlook on Micron Technology, Inc., projecting potential for the stock to remain steady or rise.

Cramer voiced his views on specific companies, describing Coherent Corp. as “a little too expensive” and asserting that GE HealthCare Technologies Inc. is “ridiculously cheap” and is “doing so many great things.” In relation to TKO Group Holdings, Inc., he admitted that he struggled to evaluate the company. Moreover, he recommended Arm Holdings plc as a stock worth owning, commending the performance of its CEO, Rene Haas. Cramer also cited an upcoming earnings report for the chipmaker, scheduled for November 8.

Additionally, Cramer expressed his disinterest in Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited.

Price Movement

Following the recent discussion, shares of various companies experienced price movements. Teva’s stock gained 4.1%, Arm Holdings saw a 2% decline, and TKO Group Holdings fell by 0.3%. Meanwhile, GE HealthCare’s stock rose by 0.1% and Coherent shares experienced a 1.4% increase. Micron Technology also fared positively with a rise of 0.9%. Bitfarms shares faced a 7.2% decrease, whereas Ramaco Resource’s stock dipped by 1.2%. ImmunoGen observed a 0.4% gain, and AbbVie shares also increased by 0.4%. Finally, Realty Income ended with a 0.4% rise during the session.

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Cramer’s commentary on these healthcare stocks and more offers unique perspectives for investors, highlighting aspects such as value, speculation, and growth potential within the sector.