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Eos Energy Partnership with TETRA Technologies Eos Energy Strikes Strategic Electrolyte Supply Deal with TETRA Technologies

Eos Energy Enterprises, Inc. EOSE and TETRA Technologies, Inc. TTI have fortified their collaboration to enhance the quality of the electrolyte solution.

This expansion designates TETRA as the primary strategic supplier for Eos’s American-made Eos Z3 energy storage cube, with a commitment to supply at least 75% of the electrolyte product needs moving forward.

The four-year agreement, extendable beyond its initial term, includes favorable pricing and cost-saving methodologies, stimulating both firms to pursue further cost reductions.

The high-purity zinc-bromide is integral to the Eos Z3 cube’s functionality, constituting a component of Eos’s patented electrolyte system. TETRA’s U.S. patented manufacturing process yields some of the highest zinc-bromide purity levels globally.

Amid the increasing demand for Long Duration Energy Storage, Eos’s partnership with TETRA is timely. TETRA’s dedication to improving bromine production aligns with Eos’s objectives of scaling production, reducing costs, and boosting battery performance and quality in the years ahead.

Price Action: EOSE shares are trading lower by 5.32% at $0.9450, and TTI is down by 1.61% at $4.27 on Tuesday.

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Photo via TETRA Technologies

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