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Apple Vision Pro Cracks Causing Concern among Users

Reports of unexplained cracks appearing in the front glass of Apple Inc.’s Vision Pro have left users grappling with costly repair bills, raising questions about Cupertino’s renowned precision and quality control.

Strange Cracks: Several Reddit users have uploaded images displaying a clean-cut tear in the front glass of their Apple Vision Pro, seemingly without any discernible cause.

The crack, appearing at the nose bridge, the weakest part of the glass mold, stands out as a peculiar anomaly in the device’s otherwise custom-built facade.

Complaints lodged with Apple Support have led affected users to face an $800 repair charge if not covered by AppleCare, with a $300 deductible for those opting for Apple’s protection plan.

Though no widespread reports have surfaced elsewhere, the distinct pattern observed across multiple accounts hints at a potential design flaw.

Significance: This isn’t the first instance where doubts have hovered over the Apple Vision Pro’s robustness.

Just recently, a scratch evaluation unveiled the device’s susceptibility to abrasions, contradicting Apple’s claims of a sturdy “laminated glass” exterior.

Furthermore, since its market debut, the device’s performance has elicited a mix of laudatory and disparaging remarks from users, citing issues like app scarcity and discomfort during extended usage.

The current spate of unexplained cracks adds another layer to the existing concerns regarding the device’s longevity and value proposition.

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