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Unleashing the Ferocity: Nasdaq 100 Takes on Key Resistance Following NVIDIA’s Meteoric Rise

The NVIDIA Effect: Soaring Stock Prices in the Face of Outlandish Market Cap Increases

Behold the power of NVIDIA’s recent performance on the Nasdaq index: a dizzying ascent that catapulted share prices from $750 to $785 in a single bound. A whopping $277 billion in market cap surge in a mere day—enough to leave even seasoned investors scratching their heads in disbelief.

The Options Market Oracle: Peering Through the Looking Glass of Stock Speculation

The clairvoyant whispers of the options market hinted at the potential for NVIDIA’s shares to vault to $800 post-earnings, should the $750 resistance be breached. And lo and behold, the prophecy fulfilled itself.

A Shifting Market Landscape: More of the Same or Signs of Change?

Despite the upheaval caused by NVIDIA’s meteoric rise, the broader market landscape seems largely unfazed. The Nasdaq remains steady at 14, interest rates maintain their unassuming posture, and the equity market has yet to truly pivot in response to the recent developments.

Nasdaq 100 Index-2-Hour Chart
Nasdaq 100 Index-2-Hour Chart

Intriguing Developments Amidst Tech ETF Surges

The surge in the technology ETF by 3% may seem like just another wave in the market, merely filling the void left by its actions back on February 13.

XLK-2-Hour Chart

A Symphony of Volatility: The Quirks of Market Behavior

Oddities abound as fixed strike implied volatility takes center stage, inching higher for March OPEX and three-month forecasts—a rare sight indeed. The 1-month implied correlation dances to its own tune, defying convention as it ascends in tandem with the market’s tempo.

SPX Volume Table

Financial Gauges in Flux: Real Yields and Inflation Breakevens Paint a Confounding Picture

Real yields resurfacing at 2% after the post-FOMC turmoil, alongside a 3.6% surge in 1-year inflation breakevens, hint at a shifting economic landscape. The echoes of tightening monetary conditions grow louder, yet credit spreads opt for a different rhythm, spiraling downward against the prevailing winds.

10-Year Real Yields Chart

The Quirkiness Continues: Embracing the Unexpected in Market Fluctuations

Anomalies persist in this whirlwind of market activity. While NVIDIA’s earnings sent shockwaves through the stock realm, the broader narrative remains largely unchanged. The market’s capricious nature continues unabated, reminding us that each day brings a new saga to unfold.

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