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Revolutionizing Creative Finance with 1st Opus Revolutionizing Creative Finance with 1st Opus

In the heart of Los Angeles, 1st Opus has emerged as a financial game-changer for the creative industry. Founded by industry icons Walter Afanasieff and Oleg Shmelev this platform isn’t just another financial service — 1st OPUS is redefining how artists can launch their career, manage their finances and engage with their supporters.

Economic Empowerment Through Operational Efficiency

The foundation of 1st Opus are cost-savings realized from operating without local brick-and-mortar branches that drain traditional banks. These significant savings allow 1st Opus to provide resources for the creative community. The concept is simple yet groundbreaking: save the average $5 million annual cost of running a single physical bank branch and share those savings with artists and their fans. This strategy is as practical as it is visionary, redefining resource allocation in the banking sector to support artistry and innovation. 

Unifying Monetization and Artist Support

Through its trio of core services — entertainment, payments, and lifestyle — 1st Opus is a singular platform where creators can monetize their work and where fans can immerse themselves in the lifestyles they want. This seamless integration of services transforms every transaction into an act of support for the arts, strengthening the connection between artists and their audiences.

Pioneering Neo-fintech in Entertainment

1st Opus stands out as the first U.S.-based entertainment brand in this field of neo-fintechs. It partners with U.S. banks and technology partners to offer FDIC-insured accounts, a user-friendly payment app, and debit cards with US-card programs. It also grants cardholders access to VIP events and shows. On the entertainment front, 1st Opus acts as a conduit for exclusive content, whether it’s music, behind-the-scenes looks at film projects, or event invitations. This content isn’t just disseminated; it’s shared as stories across social media and the 1st Opus website, creating a constantly unfolding narrative. Regarding lifestyle, the platform offers event invitations, curated travel, and an array of goods ranging from artistic merchandise & entertainment products, to the latest fashion. This is made possible through a network of partnerships, allowing for direct purchases and seamless in-app transactions. 1st Opus’ mission is simple: enable creators to directly convert their popularity into revenue. It’s an empowering proposition. When supporters use their debit cards, they’re not just buying into a product but investing in the creative process and, in turn, enhance the lifestyle they live. 

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Endorsement by the Artist Community

Thousands of artists endorse 1st Opus. Its operation leverages the Omniwire payment app, renowned for its security and ease of use. Established partners provide the financial bedrock, ensuring stability and trust in a space where these are paramount. Every dollar spent through 1st Opus cards is an opportunity to gain points, which can be exchanged for rewards or experiences. Moreover, with 5% of net profits dedicated to nurturing artist opportunities, the platform underscores its commitment to the creative community. As 2021 witnessed the platform’s conceptual birth, 2022 & 2023 development and launch for selected audiences, it’s set for an official market launch in 2024. With international expansion plans in the works, the 1st Opus team continues to innovate on its mission of financial freedom for artists worldwide. It aims to forge partnerships with thousands of artists and their fans, creating a global network of interconnected creativity and support. 

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