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Analysis of Latest 13F Filings for Analysis of Latest 13F Filings for

At Holdings Channel, we have reviewed the most recent 13F filings for the reporting period ending 12/31/2023. Inc (Symbol: AMZN) was held by 18 out of the 22 funds we analyzed. When hedge fund managers seem to be in agreement, it’s worth taking a closer look.

It’s essential to note that 13F filings only reveal the long positions of funds with the SEC, not their short positions. A fund may have both long and short positions on a stock, but the 13F filing will only show the long component, potentially giving a one-sided view of the fund’s position.

Changes in Positions

FundNew Position?Change In Share CountChange In Market Value ($ in 1000’s)

Among the funds analyzed, 6 increased their existing AMZN positions, 7 decreased their positions, and 1 took a new position from the 09/30/2023 to 12/31/2023 reporting periods.

Looking beyond these funds, we compared the aggregate share count of AMZN among all the funds that held it at the 12/31/2023 reporting period to that at the 09/30/2023 period. We found a net increase of 274,357 shares, representing approximately 5.99% growth in aggregate holdings by hedge funds.

Top Three Funds Holding AMZN

We will continue to monitor the latest 13F filings by hedge fund managers and share interesting insights derived from aggregated information across groups of managers between filing periods. While individual 13F filings can sometimes be misleading, analyzing the sum total across groups of funds can provide valuable and revealing stock ideas that warrant further research, such as Inc (Symbol: AMZN).

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