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The Impact of Bidenomics on 3 Magnificent 7 Stocks The Impact of Bidenomics on 3 Magnificent 7 Stocks

Amidst the fiery quagmire of controversy surrounding “Bidenomics”, there exists a silver lining for those who dare to seek it. This silver lining lies in the fortuitous potential of three stocks poised to ride the wave of economic policies penned by the Biden Administration. Their names may very well become the rallying cry for investors amid an unpredictable fiscal landscape.

Magnificent 7 Stocks - The Magnificent 7 Stocks: 3 That Will Likely Get the Biggest Bidenomics Boost

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The term “Bidenomics” encompasses a plethora of significant economic policies introduced and legislated by the Biden Administration. Notable mentions include the CHIPS Act, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. These policies are slated to inject billions of dollars into sectors such as renewable energy, semiconductor manufacturing, and traditional/digital infrastructure.

The dawn of a new era brings forth a glimmer of promise for three of the fabled Magnificent 7 stocks, anticipated to profit handsomely from the veritable cornucopia of government investments.

Fortune Favors: Amazon (AMZN)

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Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) emerges as a titan in the realm of diversified conglomerates, boasting a portfolio that spans e-commerce, cloud computing, and the healthcare domain. The company’s meteoric rise has seen it amass over $554 billion in revenue and $20 billion in net income over the last twelve months alone.

The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a legislative decree inked in November 2021, elucidates a generous allocation of federal funds directed at revamping the American transport network which encompasses airports, roads, and railways. Given Amazon’s extensive involvement in the logistics domain, an improved infrastructure promises to streamline the flow of goods and potentially augment the volume of transactions on its e-commerce platform, thereby inducing a boon in key performance indicators over the long term.

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AMZN’s shares have ascended by over 60% in the past 12 months, and this trend is more than likely to persist as the U.S. economy and its infrastructure undergo amelioration.

Seeking Serendipity: Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL)

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Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL, NASDAQ:GOOG) requires no grand introduction. This tech colossus not only presides over Google but also commands sway over a myriad of other enterprises, including the likes of YouTube and Google Cloud. Given its multifaceted presence in diverse technology verticals, the company has deftly weathered the prevailing macroeconomic storms. In Q2, for instance, Alphabet surpassed Wall Street’s revenue and earnings projections. Moreover, it reclaimed the territory of double-digit revenue growth in Q3, marking a substantial achievement.

Alphabet stands poised to reap substantial rewards from the bipartisan infrastructure legislation. The bill is set to deliver a seismic transformation across various sectors, including infrastructure, transportation, and technology. Given Alphabet’s robust footing in these domains, the company is well positioned to capitalize on the wave of investment, thus signifying a compelling opportunity for shareholders.