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Insight into Beyond Meat’s Options Market Insight into Beyond Meat’s Options Market

Benzinga’s options scanner just discovered over 9 options trades for Beyond Meat BYND, totaling $459,745.

Simultaneously, our algo intercepted 7 trades, amounting to $442,745 in total.

Insights into Price Target

Taking into account the Volume and Open Interest on these contracts, it seems that whales have been eyeing a price range of $6.0 to $20.0 for Beyond Meat over the past 3 months.

Change in Volume & Open Interest

In today’s trading context, the average open interest for Beyond Meat options stands at 797.6, with a total volume reaching 1,477.00. The accompanying chart outlines the development of call and put option volume and open interest for substantial trades in Beyond Meat, situated within the strike price corridor from $6.0 to $20.0, over the past 30 days.

Overview of Beyond Meat’s Call and Put Volume: Last 30 Days

Observations of the Largest Options Trades

SymbolPUT/CALLTrade TypeSentimentExp. DateStrike PriceTotal Trade PriceOpen InterestVolume

About Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Inc is a provider of plant-based meats, such as burgers, sausage, ground beef, and chicken. Distinguishing itself from other veggie products, Beyond Meat aims to imitate the appearance, preparation, and flavor of meat, catering to both omnivores and vegetarians, and is available in the meat section. The products are widely accessible in the U.S., Canada, and 83 additional nations. International revenue accounted for 31% of 2021 sales. The company’s products are obtainable in retail outlets and the food service sector. In 2019, before the pandemic, sales were equally divided between these two channels, but the split was 70% retail and 30% food service in 2021. We believe that the recovery from the crisis and new partnerships with McDonald’s and Yum Brands will restore food-service sales to 50% eventually.

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Following our analysis of the options activities associated with Beyond Meat, let’s shift to a closer examination of the company’s own performance.

Current Position of Beyond Meat

  • Trading volume is at 1,578,583, with BYND’s price gaining 0.14%, positioned at $7.33.
  • RSI indicators suggest that the stock may be oversold.
  • Earnings announcement is expected in 31 days.

Trading options involves greater risks but also offers the potential for higher profits. Astute traders mitigate these risks through continuous learning, strategic trade adjustments, using various indicators, and staying tuned to market dynamics. Stay updated on the latest options trades for Beyond Meat with Benzinga Pro for real-time alerts.