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Google’s First Smartphone Launch: A $1000 Investment TodayGoogle’s Groundbreaking Venture Into Smartphones 13 Years Ago: The Financial Impact Since Then

The Evolution Of Android

Alphabet Inc.’s Google’s Android operating system has dominated the smartphone industry thanks to its diverse price range, starting at $100 and extending to $1,600.

After Google acquired Android Inc. in 2005, it designed the system to rival BlackBerry Inc. However, the arrival of the iPhone altered the landscape, prompting Google to adapt its system for a touch-first experience.

From Experiment To Establishment

Google unveiled its first smartphone, the Nexus One, on Jan. 5, 2010. From design to performance, it was praised for its superiority over its contemporaries.

Although the Nexus brand has been replaced by the premium Pixel line, Google continues to expand its range of devices to compete with Apple’s primary products.

The Financial Impact

Google stock price from Jan. 5, 2010, till today

Since the launch of its first phone 14 years ago, Google stock has spiked by 803%. A $1,000 investment in Google stock in 2010 would now amount to $9,031.30, outperforming the Nasdaq and S&P 500 indices.

Future Ventures In AI And Pixels

Google is earnestly advancing in artificial intelligence (AI) and has launched Gemini, a powerful large-language model to rival its competition. The company is integrating AI features into its Pixel phones and various other services, from search to voice recordings and video stabilization, cementing the integration of AI across its portfolio.

Through these initiatives, Google is further establishing its foothold in the tech industry, setting an impressive trajectory for the future.

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