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Tesla Investor Takes Issue With Elon Musk’s Headline Placement Tesla Investor Takes Issue With Elon Musk’s Headline Placement

Tesla Inc. investor Ross Gerber expressed his disdain for the placement of headlines in images on Elon Musk‘s X, calling for them to be positioned more prominently at the top.

What Happened: Gerber used social media to air his thoughts on the positioning of headlines in images, advocating for a more noticeable and easily identifiable placement at the top.

“The headlines need to be at the top not the bottom of the image. Hello,” Gerber remarked.

Gerber’s comments come on the heels of recent alterations on X. Following an initial decision by Musk to entirely remove headlines from links posted on the platform, he later backtracked on the move with a modification.

Link previews initially gave headlines a more prominent appearance, but Musk’s recent adjustment has rendered them less conspicuous.

Recall that Musk had completely eliminated headlines from link previews in October last year, following an announcement made in August.

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Why It Matters: The unexpected turnaround to reinstate headlines is viewed as a reversal of Musk’s previous position. Users observed the reintroduction of news headlines on X in the first week of January.

Moreover, Musk had previously urged X users to utilize the ‘Highlights’ tab to showcase their best content, ensuring that important replies are readily visible. The ‘Highlights’ tab permits users to pin multiple tweets to their profile, thereby enhancing the visibility of their top content.

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