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Deep Dive into AT&T: Evaluating the Surge in Options Activity and Industry Outlook Deep Dive into AT&T: Evaluating the Surge in Options Activity and Industry Outlook

Several major investors have taken a bearish stance on AT&T, suggesting a potential shift in market sentiment.

Analyzing recent options history for AT&T (NYSE:T), 12 trades have been detected.

Of these trades, 33% were initiated with bullish expectations and 66% with bearish expectations, indicating a prevailing negative sentiment among investors.

The options trading data reveals that 2 puts were opened, totaling $60,632, and 10 calls were initiated, totaling $672,836.

Envisioned Price Movements

Based on recent trading activity, significant investors appear to be targeting a price range from $10.0 to $20.0 for AT&T over the past three months.

Volume & Open Interest Trends

In the current trading context, the average open interest for AT&T options stands at 29161.88, with a total volume reaching 13,055.00. The accompanying chart illustrates the evolution of call and put option volume and open interest for high-value trades in AT&T, within the strike price range from $10.0 to $20.0, over the past 30 days.

AT&T 30-Day Option Volume & Interest Snapshot

Largest Options Identified:

SymbolPUT/CALLTrade TypeSentimentExp. DateStrike PriceTotal Trade PriceOpen InterestVolume

About AT&T

AT&T derives approximately two-thirds of its revenue from the wireless business following the spinoff of Warner Media. As the third-largest U.S. wireless carrier, the company serves 70 million postpaid and 18 million prepaid phone customers. Fixed-line enterprise services, accounting for about 18% of revenue, encompass internet access, private networking, security, voice, and wholesale network capacity. Residential fixed-line services, comprising roughly 11% of revenue, primarily offer broadband internet access service. AT&T also maintains a significant presence in Mexico, serving 22 million customers, although this segment represents only 3% of the company’s revenue. Additionally, the company retains a 70% equity stake in satellite television provider DirecTV, but does not consolidate this business in its financial statements.

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Following an analysis of the options activities associated with AT&T, attention is now turned to an in-depth assessment of the company’s overall performance.

Current Market Status of AT&T

  • Trading volume amounts to 18,229,015, with AT&T’s price down by 0.0%, holding steady at $17.15.
  • RSI indicators suggest the stock may be approaching overbought territory.
  • The company’s earnings announcement is anticipated in 19 days.

Expert Opinions on AT&T

Within the past 30 days, a total of 1 professional analysts have shared their insights on AT&T, establishing an average price target of $20.0.

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